Uptime Truck & Trailer Services P/L origins can be traced back to 1982 when managing director Rodney Spargo began his apprenticeship with Kenworth Trucks in Footscray. Growing up in a trucking family he had trucks in his blood and applied himself to the task of immersing himself in the culture of a global company with a strong commitment to its employees.


A positive work environment helped create many strong friendships with both fellow workers and customers, many existing still to this current day. The inevitable pull of the family business lured Rod to firstly the workshop and then the operations of his fathers company.


After 18 years Rod decided to return to the spanners and with a burning ambition to provide a service based on quick response to breakdowns and time off the road. What to call his new company? The term downtime represents the time equipment is out of operation and not producing income. With a focus on prompt and speedy service the name UPTIME was decided upon.


Though only small in size we're big on delivering to our customers a competitive advantage of minimum downtime. Though small in stature our reputation of providing quality workmanship means virtually zero rework or warranty eliminating return for repair. Our team is committed, driven and flexible to the challenges and demands placed upon us.